The Real Workout - Ready To Do This

Julie Kay shows up in a skimpy workout outfit and asks her trainer if he‘s ready to do this. He has the video camera going, so apparently he is. Julie is a tight body and a beautiful black goddess. As her trainer starts to push her, things get more heated between them. Soon, she is doing lunges and sucking dick. It‘s incredibly hot as the sexual acts are taking place while the workout is in progress. They end up fucking on the leg machines and groping each other. Her private parts are exposed while articles of her clothing are pushed aside for squeezing and fucking. The trainer works out every part of her body and gives new meaning to cross fit. The camera, which was recording the workout also picked up the hot sex that was layered through workout. Julie is pleased that her trainer got all of it. Mainly, she also got a huge load all over her tits and face!

Добавил: degnev2
Модели: Julie Kay
Категории: Сексуальные спортсменки Огромные сиськи Негритянки Натуральная грудь Reality В позе раком
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23 Май, 2017
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