The Perverted Personal Trainer

If your girl has a personal trainer, you better watch out. Your good friends from TeamSkeet did a case study on all the different types of trainers she could come across, some of them may shock you. First we have the lazy trainer. The one who‘s on his phone throughout the entire session not making sure your girl is getting fit, basically a waste of all your money. Then we have the foreign trainer, whose accent is so seductive that your girl might fall for him rather than fall to the floor for some push ups. Then we have the motivated trainer. The one you can only hope for. This type of trainer is making sure your girl is getting tight for you while being focused solely on the workout. And finally, the worst type of trainer there could ever be. The perverted trainer. He will start by touching your girls sexy curves inappropriately, and even rubbing his stiff boner on her ass. Although she will be a bit uncomfortable, she might think maybe she could get a couple of free sessions out of it ;). She‘ll burn more calories fucking and sucking her trainer than she will her workout, but is that a risk you‘re really willing to take?!?!?

Добавил: degnev2
Модели: Quinn Wilde
Категории: Мамочки Сексуальные спортсменки Reality Порнозвёзды Секс на природе
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03 Мар, 2017
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