Paid In Full Dark Destruction

Paying for school has been quite the struggle for Maya. She needed a little extra help this month, so she decided to ask one of her clients for a little extra to help get her by. Luckily Jax was quite generous, but also quite strict. The only rule set in place was that until he was paid in full, he gets to give her a good spanking whenever he wants. A week passes and Jax once again returns to collect. Again, Maya is not ready. She recieves her usual spanks, but Jax is too damn fed up. He places his long girthy fingers in her pussy and starts to toy around as Maya shrieks. She then realizes she will have to do whatever she must to make him happy, so she gurgitates on his massive black cock, lets him fuck her tight pussy, and even busts a phat nut on her face. Maya was a pretty good fuck, so she can expect at least another 24 hour extension on her loan thanks to her slutty white pussy. You go girl!

Добавил: degnev2
Модели: Maya S Maya Jax Whatever
Категории: Хорошая порка Большие члены Межрассовый секс Reality Жесткий секс Огромные сиськи Ненасытные брюнетки Юные красотки
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17 Фев, 2017
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