Getting Revenge With Her Black

Ashley has been going above and beyond for her boss. She no longer has any time for herself. It all seemed to be worth it, until she got fired on her most hectic day to date. What the fuck?!? Her boss would soon find out that payback was a bitch. Ashley went to her bosses house in hopes of catching her husband. Damn was he a fine chocolate man, and boy oh boy was that cock huge. Ashleys mindset was fuck with my job, and I fuck your husband. Her boss's husband was easily seduced, especially by perky titted white women. He wasted no time shoving his long dark cock in Ashleys slender throat. His wife never gave him head, so he would be sure to take full advantage of this. And Ashley on the other hand, would be taking full advantage of that girthy black cock. The Pleasure was enormous, so much so to the point that Ashley squirted for the first time in ages. It was only fair to let this dark hunk squirt too, and squirt he did, a juicy load all over Ashley's chest. She decided to clean up to spare his wife (her ex boss) the mess, for one final time...

Модели: Ashley Adams
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Готово 16 Мар, 2017
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16 Мар, 2017