Snooze You Lose

Cassidy Banks, Daya knight, and Jessy were all hanging while watching the tube. Cassidy got stood up from her man and was left as the third wheel. She was disappointed, but noticed she was getting some extra looks from her sister's man, Jessy. Cassidy decided she was going to try something risky and very bad. She got up to get something from the kitchen. She pulled out her tits, and called Jessy over to help reach something in the cupboard. Once he got over there she turned and show off her amazing big naturals. Jessy fell into a trance and went for the win even though his girl was a few steps away. They continued fucking around in the kitchen before they decided they were to loud and close to getting caught, so they went to the nearest room. After a bit Daya noticed they were gone and heard some noises. Jessy got busted fucking his girl's sister, but figured why quit now. After Daya left completely upset, the two continued sucking and fucking. Cassidy and her banging body was impossible to pass up and was most likely worth it.

Добавил: degnev2
Модели: Cassidy Banks Jessy Jones
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23 Мар, 2017
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